Flat-Coated Retriever Rescue Success Stories!

****All of the following dogs have found their forever homes and are no longer available for adoption****


Meet Kitt! What a personality this boy has! Meet Black Knight Rider a.k.a. KITT A one year old plus(+ )65 lb. neutered male. KITT was found wandering the very hot summer streets of Phoenix, AZ. and picked up by Animal Control. His foster Mom describes him as having a sweet loving temperament, and wants nothing more than to be next to his person. He's most content when he's around others, being a human or another dog.  He's friendly with everyone he meets including other dogs both male and female. He's only met cats at thePet store and expressed non interest. And doesn't mind a hamster rolling around in an exercise ball beside him. He loves rides in the car and playing with his toys. He's also exceptional at retrieving a tennis ball.He can be quite goofy at times chasing and pouching on crickets outside like he was a cat. True to a retriever nature has a keen interest in birds and will flush one from a bush.He's partially crate trained, but will need some more work on his walking on leash manners. A good obedience class should be in his future as he is VERY smart and a quick learner.

KITT has very good house manners and has learned his name and other commands like: Sit, Wait, back, here, hurry -means to potty on command, kennel, and release - coming out of kennel, & off. With continued exposure to various situations his confidence will only continue to grow. It appears his exposure to many things has been limited. But he's curious and adapts nicely with reassurance.  KITT seemed to have suffered some trauma before he was taken to the shelter as he had some swelling/inflammation in his lower back and tail.  The vet wanted to see if it would self-resolve with some pain & anti-inflammatory medication, which does seem to be helping.  KITT’s vet records/comments will be available to his adopter.

Kitt Kitt



PetePete is a Flatcoat or a close wannabe who is about 18 months old, and now weighs a healthy 60 pounds.  He had a hard episode in his young life, when he was lost and hungry.  Pete wandered up to a rescue friend in October.  He was starving, weak, covered in ticks and fleas, and heartworm positive.  He asked nicely for help, and this good person took him to her vet, gave him medical care, food and attention, then contacted Flatcoat rescue for help.  Pete weighed 38 pounds on his first vet visit, and was up to 47 pounds at his second visit two weeks later.  He is micro-chipped, current on vaccinations, including rabies, has been treated for heartworms and is now on heartworm preventative.  He is scheduled to be neutered in early March. 

Pete has an enjoyment of life, and loves to be with people to play or cuddle.  He greets you with enthusiasm, but does not jump up.  He loves to go for long walks or run with other dogs, and if you are busy at your desk, he will sit at your feet and wait for you to be ready to pay attention to him again.  He is bright and willing to please.  He waits at the door to go out, and barks to come back inside or to get your attention.  He will chew paper or cardboard if left unattended, so we crate him when we leave the house. Pete also loves to go to my office, where he lies quietly beside my desk.  Pete has great manners with co-workers, visitors, other dogs and older children. 



Moxie was adopted by Annette and William from South Carolina who love this breed and wanted to rescue one. They were previously owned by a flat-coated retriever, Emmett, that lived to 13 years. Moxie will be an only dog but will be able to play with a neighbor's golden retriever and their daughter's GSD. What a great home!

Moxie, a 4 year old, neutered male, is a very sweet cuddle bug of a dog.  He prefers chilling with his people on the couch to running and playing with other dogs, although he has blended in nicely with the two other more active dogs in his foster home.  He has no house training or chewing issues and is not a barker - but he will howl if Law & Order comes on!! :-)  His previous owners shaved him, so we don’t know exactly how his coat looks yet.  Since one of his favorite activities is watching TV, he would benefit by having a little activity added to his life to help him lose some weight.  He might do best in a home without cats as he likes to chase them, however he’s quickly learning that that’s not allowed in his foster home.  

Moxie Moxie Moxie


Cody is a 6 yr old, purebred, neutered FCR. He is obedience trained, impecccably housebroken, gets along with other dogs, comes when called off leash and loves to retrieve. He is nervous about toddlers, but gets along great with older kids. Cody has had some issues when left loose alone in the house, so he MUST be confined to an escape-proof crate, or with a wireless indoor fence when no one is home. He will also benefit from someone who can provide some structure, so he doesn't become bratty, pushy and obnoxious. He would be perfect for an active person who would take him along on hikes/walks or do some retrieving work with him.




Molly is the SWEETEST dog ever!  If you look up Velcro Dog in the dictionary you will find her picture.

Molly is very laid back and will let you do whatever you want: clip nails, trim ears, brush her hair.

She doesn’t like to play but we’re working on that.  She’s good with other dogs and is curious about cats.  It appears she would like to play with the cats (who don’t want any part of that).   She needs a home where you can spend a lot of time with her.  She likes long walks and is happy with the leash is brought out.  She does not like crates.  She has not had an accident in the house when left alone.




Dharma is a purebred 5 yr old spayed Flat-Coated Retriever bitch.  She's a cuddly, affectionate dog that is a joy to be with.  She is a cheerful and affectionate girl that loves sleeping in bed with her family. 




Max Max

Max is an approximately 4 month old FCR retriever.  We believe he is a pure bred but have no papers to verify this.  He is sweet and lovable and needs to get in a home where he can start learning about what life is all about.  He is located in Southern Cal.


Joey found his furever home!


This is Joey - a very special little man!  He's an approx. 6 mo. old puppy that was pulled from a Minneapolis, MN shelter by FCRSA Rescue. He's a happy, affectionate, playful and curious little comedian. He's recovering from FHO (femoral head osteotomy) surgery on his right side done at the shelter on 10/29/12.  His recovery so far has been uneventful and has progressed as expected.  He uses the leg (puts partial weight on it most of the time) now but he's still trying to get coordination and stability back.  Joey is fine around other dogs, but he needs to be placed in a home without dogs who will be flying around and running him over until he's healed.  Since he needs to gain strength in his hind end he'll need to go to someone who will encourage the careful use of the leg in a controlled manner to help him gain strength and muscle mass.  Consistent leash walks will help him gain some muscle mass back in his rear end and promote range of motion.  Going from a stand to a sit and back again will help teach his muscles what normal movement is.  Once his balance has improved short frolicking sessions will be fine as well.  As his stability and muscle mass improves his activity can gradually increase - he's expected to make a full recovery.

GracieGracie found her furever home!

Gracie is a very sweet, loving, gentle female fcr. She is friendly with men, women and children and has never met a stranger. Gracie has adapted very well to my home, routine and my other flat-coats and my senior Scottish terrier. She also likes my house rabbit Creeper. I don't know if she relates to cats as I do not own one. She is not a very active dog due to her severe arthritis. Gracie wears a harness and is assisted in getting up from a down position by using a sling (towel) under her tuck. Once she is up, she is mobile but unsteady in gait. If Gracie goes to a home with other dogs, smaller or older dogs that cannot knock her over would be recommended. It would be recommended that she be placed in a home without steps inside or outside. She can negotiate one or two steps with assistance. Also a fenced yard is a must as she likes to be outside with her human but is prone to wandering off. She may not be steady but she is determined. Gracie is housebroken. She does not have a problem squatting to urinate or defecate. She eats canned sensitive stomach food or home made chicken rice and green beans. Gracie loves to be bathed and brushed. She is unable to jump on furniture or on a bed but loves to lie close and be petted. She will chew on a bone once in a while loves to 'mouth' wrestle with my hand. I have yet to hear her bark. She greets me when I come home with a wagging tail a sometimes a slight skip in her step. She prefers to be with the family (humans and dogs) and seems to enjoy watching the goings on in the house. She gets extremely depressed if crated or separated from the pack. Being a senior dog she does have a stubborn streak and needs lots of patience and encouragement. I have never heard her growl or snap except for one instance when one of my males tried to mount her. (good girl) Although listed as 9 1/2 or 10 by Cobb County Animal Shelter, we believe she is older. Possibly, 11 or 12 years of age. Gracie exhibits a slight cough when exerting herself due to the mass on her chest. Gracie is a delightful girl and deserves a very special caregiver.

VincentVincent found his furever home!

A happy, sweet, playful boy, Vincent is only 2 but has been through a load of heartbreak so far in his short life.  Dropped at a kill shelter with his littermate brother, who got adopted out, he was suffering from heartworm and a severe yeast infection.  He is aching for a forever home where he will be a cherished companion.  Assessed by a trainer as being close to "the perfect dog," he's housebroken, crate-trained, neutered, up-to-date on his shots, great on a leash and sociable and friendly to adults and with kids.  He wants to please, learns quickly, and easily adapts to new situations.  Vincent easily forms attachments to people and might be best suited for a one-dog household,  He is healing from his yeast infection and has been treated for heartworm and cleared for the vet to be adopted.


ShadowShadow found his furever home!

Hi !!! My name is Shadow. I am a 1 - 2 year old rescue, who was an owner turn-in at the Broken Arrow, Oklahoma animal shelter. I am neutered, up-to-date on shots, heart-worm negative and now on monthly preventive. I am currently in foster-care while awaiting my forever family. My foster-mom says that I am a very sweet boy and just want to be loved. Sometime in my previous life I had a little bit of obedience training, am house-trained, walk nicely on a leash, and I sleep in my crate at night. I love to go on the twice-daily walks with my foster-mom and I love to play with toys. I have been a good eater from the beginning and eat breakfast and dinner in my crate. I like to cuddle on the bed at night for some pre-bedtime belly rubs. I have been around 6-7 year-old children and I thought they were fun, but I have not been around toddlers. I have three Flatcoat friends to play with in my foster-home and I especially love 3-year old Dixie, my foster-mom says we are very silly. My foster-mom also says that I would be the perfect dog, except for my extreme curiosity about cats (we can't all be perfect), so I should not be in a home with cats.


KatieKatie found her furever home!

I am very happy to say that Deb G. came and picked up Katie the rescue girl from KY that I had for three weeks. It was not without a few tears on my part after they left but Deb is a fcr list member and is going to make Katie a wonderful new home! She came all the way from WI to SW Ohio to pick her up. She had her boy Remy with her and they got along just fine. I think Katie is a little rambunctious for Remy, but I’m sure he’ll get used to it and find her to be a wonderful playmate. 

I just reread that sentence and think how nice it is that I can say she too rambunctious – she turns TEN in May!

Thanks so much to Deb for agreeing to provide her with a home where she can live out her life in a loving home!  In my search for a new forever home for her, I was incredibly impressed with the number of people that stepped forward for a dog that is nearly in double digits in age and on top of that has special medical needs. I received e-mails and calls from 16 people who were willing to make her part of their families.  It really made quite an impression on me and gave me such a “warm and fuzzy” feeling about dog people. We all see the headlines of people who abuse their animals, but it’s people like this who should make the headlines.

Katie (on the left)  in her new home with her new brother Remy as well as her cats Claude and Elvis. Thanks. ---Marijo J. Nootz


SpencerSpencer found his furever home!

Meet Spencer-I am a 5 YO purebred FCR that needs a home.  I am neutered, weigh in at about 75 pounds, love kids and I have basic obedience down pat.  I am also a gentleman in the house. 


Maggie found her furever home!

Maggie is fitting in well at her new forever home. Her new family has had Flat-Coats for over 20 years, so they're very able to deal with (and LOVE) her puppy antics.  Maggie has a Flat-Coat sister to play with along with two children who are *almost* always willing to play with her!  Life is good again for Miss Maggie!


Bear found a home!

Bear is happily adjusting to his new home in Wisconsin.  His boys absolutely love him and judging by the look on his face, Bear feels the same!  He's getting trips to the dog park to help burn off his "exuberance" and the boys are happy to throw the ball as many times as Bear wants to retrieve it!  What more could a FCR ask for???

Shelby found a home!

SammiShelby is a gregarious, happy girl who is about 7 years old and is house trained, spayed, up-to-date on her vaccinations and on heartworm preventative. 

Blu found a home!

BluBlu is now happily living with his forever family in WI.  They report that he's a "good dog" and is adjusting very well, learning to be a friend to all - including their cats!  He gets daily trips to the dog park to burn off all that FCR energy and he's learning to catch a frisbee - his family reports that he's very good at it!  Occasionally he gets to splash in Lake Michigan with his "cousin", a 2 year old boxer.


Sammi found a home!

SammiSammi came to me in mid October. She spent most of the time in her crate; coming out only to go outside to potty. Strange noises scared her..she would shake all over and sometimes try to bolt away. Over the next two weeks with encouragement she began to eat just outside her crate and started to interact with my dogs. She will probably always be a dog that reacts in a timid manner to new people or loud noises, etc. However, with help of an experienced dog owner and ideally another dog in the house; she is very resilient...she gets nervous initially but comes around quite well. By thanksgiving Sammi was interacting with all my pack and was integrated into it. She gets along with all dogs and tries to initiate play with them. She loves attention, she is food driven and she loves to play with toys, retrieve and run in the yard but she will not try to take the ball or bumper from another dog....so she is still submissive to other dogs. Size wise she is about 22 inches and has feathering but is not heavily coated. She looks to be between 5-6 years old because she has some gray on her muzzle but activity wise (or without the gray) she would appear to be younger (e.g. 3-4 years old).



Molson found a home!

Hi!  My name is Molson and I am about a year and a half old rescued flat coat.  I love to be with people and am a sucker for attention.  I love to play with other dogs and kids and am still very curious about cats.  I never had much training before I got to my foster family but am housebroken and have come a very long way in the past two months.  I love to run fast and play outside, especially in the water, and am calm once I get to burn some energy. 

Casey & CodyCasey and Cody found a home!

Hi! We are Casey & Cody, 9 year old FCR litter mates.  One of our dear owners passed away so we were looking for a new home and wanted to stay together.  We have now moved from northern Vermont to Harrisburg PA to our forever home.  It was a very long trip but we love to travel so we just laid down and slept most of the way.  We now share a home with a 10 year old Beagle, Sami and a 4 year old kitty, Amber and our two new owners, Laurie & Mary.   They had another FCR, Andi (who Laurie adopted through FCR rescue in 1999) and Andi lived to be 14 this past year.  They take us for walks in our new neighborhood, and we get to play in our backyard too.  We also get to run and chase balls in a nearby dog park and they’ve promised to take us to the local doggie pool for our birthday.  We've been told by several new friends that we don't look or act our age (not a bad thing, right?).   It’s a lot warmer here in central PA but we are adjusting to our new surroundings.  We are happy that we have each other though we are still very competitive when it comes to playing - it’s a brother and sister thing! 

TannaTanna found a home!

Hi! My name in Montana "Tanna" for short.  I am a 7 year old neutered male, up-to-date on all my shots and I am looking for a home.  I am a great guy who loves everyone including cats.  I walk very well on a leash and love to run around the yard.   My dear owner has suffered a stroke and can no longer take care of me.  At the moment I am being boarded at a great kennel as my kitty friend and I were left in the house with no heat.  We did have someone who came in to feed us but it sure was lonely. The kennel is very nice but I am used to being with my person and to makes matters worse they couldn't find Kitty so I am here all by myself. 

Miles found a home!

Miles is a young male (a year old on 11/8/09) who was surrendered to an Iowa shelter at 4-5 months of age and remained there until Rescue heard about him.  He was in FCRSA foster care for a few months while we found the perfect family for him and his foster families reported that he LOVES kids and is a "people dog extraordinaire"!   Miles is now in his forever home in Virginia, happily spending time with his new family and a Flat-Coat brother.

Miles Miles


Ben found a home!

Hello! My name is Ben, and I am a Flat-Coated Retriever puppy.  My foster family thinks that I am about 9-10 months old.  I am still at that awkward stage, where my body is larger than my head and feet, and I’m not sure how everything fits together.  I weigh about 70 pounds now, and I will probably weigh between 75-80 when I finish growing.

I was in the shelter, but I have been with my foster family for a little over a month, and I am now energetic and friendly.  I have put on weight, and I am growing up fast.  I have learned to go outside to use the bathroom, to come when called, to walk on lead, to go into a crate, and to sit and wait my turn for biscuits.  I like to chew on bones and toys, play with my foster brothers and sister and follow my foster people.  I help in the kitchen, I supervise all household chores, and I’m especially good at holding down the floor at naptime.

Ben's foster parents decided they couldn't let him go so he will be staying with them!

TeddyTeddy found a home!

Here is a picture of Teddy a neutered six year FCR boy returned because his owners can no longer provide for him. The dog has received obedience training and walks beautifully in heel position with a buckled collar.  He would make someone who enjoys obedience work a fun partner. Teddy went to Petsmart to see how he would react to other dogs and people.  We were happy to see a wagging tail and willingness to interact with friendly canines and their owners.

LuLu found a home!

LuLu is an 18 mo. old (DOB 3/18/08) very sweet girl.  Her current owner got her last Fall when LuLu's original owner passed away.  Current owner reports that Lulu is very eager to please, loves loves loves everybody and will lick anyone who'll let her. LuLu has been exposed to cats, is fine with children, loves going for car rides (especially to the local dog park!), knows basic obedience commands and is housebroken (can be left alone for 8-10 hours at a time). 

LuLu LuLu LuLu