Flat-Coated Retriever Referral Guidelines


  • To assist breeders and owners in locating potential families for dogs that need new homes.
  • To educate potential owners about the FCR and their special requirements to ensure an educated decision when selecting the breed.
  • To maintain a list of available dogs that need new homes but are not in an emergency situation and a list of potential adoptive homes for FCRs.
  • To keep statistics on FCRs that get into the referral system.
  • To encourage the policy that final responsibility for a FCR who needs a home lies with the breeder. This responsibility is for the life of the dog no matter the circumstances.


The referral service is funded by donations from the individuals that utilize this service. It is strongly recommended that persons that place a dog through this network donate money for that specific placement ($10.00-$25.00). This service must be self-supporting. Money collected from referral will go toward the direct costs in referring dogs to potential owners, and public education including written support material sent to prospective adopters, etc.


  1. The purpose of the referral service is to match potential owners with well suited dogs. This service is set up as a network to advertise dogs to potential homes and as a central place for potential owners to call to get general information on the breed and a listing of people that have dogs for adoption.
  2. The referral service is available to all members of the FCRSA in good standing that abide by the code of ethics. It is also available to non-member pet FCR owners who wish to place an individual dog obtained from a FCRSA member.
  3. The referral service does not guarantee the placement of dogs or the successful location of a dog for a potential home.
  4. The referral service will not be responsible for the formal screening of potential owners nor will they dictate any terms of agreement between the two parties. The service is only to bring the two parties together. The service is not responsible for the individual actions of breeders/owners wishing to place dogs.
  5. The referral service has the right to refuse to refer dogs owned by people who do not meet the club's code of ethics.
  6. The referral service cannot guarantee the health or temperament of the dogs it refers. The referral service will not refer dogs with known serious behavior or health problems.

How it works

When a breeder or owner has a dog they wish to place they call the Referral Coordinator. The Referral Coordinator gathers the important information including general information on the dog, how much training dog has received, any special circumstances that must be considered, why the owner is placing the dog and whether the person will be selling the dog. The dog's information then goes in the network and is kept on a list. If there are any people waiting for a dog of that type when the information is given, the potential home is given to the breeder/owner. If there are not any potential matches available at that time, the dog's information will be kept and given out when a potential home inquires.

Likewise, when a person calls looking for a FCR they will be offered general information on the breed, and referred to the breeders list as well as any person that has a dog needing a home at that time. Their name and request will be recorded and kept in the network until they are matched or ask to be removed from the list.

When a dog finds a home (or person finds a dog) one of the parties needs to contact the referral service to take the dog (person) out of the network.

Breeders and individuals who place dogs through the referral program are strongly encouraged to make a donation to the program for the specific placement.