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The following guidelines and procedures have been approved by the Board of Directors of the Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America. These guidelines were designed to standardize our rescue effort to best serve the dogs involved, to protect the future of our breed, and to support those individuals directly involved in rescuing or placing a dog.


Available rescue dogs will always take priority over referral dogs. When conflicts arise, the following priorities must be considered in recommending dogs to potential homes:

1st priority - dogs in immediate peril, dogs in shelters, temporary foster homes and personal emergency situations.
2nd priority - dogs living with owner in a non-emergency situation, dogs returned to breeders, all other referrals


Rescue dogs - are those in the following situations - immediate peril, strays, those relinquished to shelters, personal emergency situations and when breeders/stud dog owner refuse to take back the dog or give strong support to the owner. Any dog that can not stay in their present home that the breeder/stud owner does not take full responsibility for is considered a rescue case. When another club member must take primary responsibility for a dog due to the breeder's/stud dog owner's unwillingness to take the dog into their home or when the breeder/stud dog owner will not find suitable accommodations for the dog and take financial responsibility for the dog.

Referral dogs - are those in the following situations - living with present owner in a non-emergency situation, returned to breeder/stud owner. These dogs do not require rescue money to support them. They are in good health and condition. These dogs do not require spay or neutering however it is highly recommended unless the dog is being sold specifically for showing/breeding to a responsible home that has been thoroughly educated on their responsibilities to the breed.

Breeder - is the owner or owners of the bitch at the time of whelping AND the stud dog owner or owners at the time of the breeding.