Sharon Myers Health Committee

Mary Young wrote a tribute to Sharon Myers which said, in part, "Sharon Smith Myers was an active member of the FCRSA from approximately 1970 until her premature death from cancer in 1990. She served the Society in numerous capacities" and "had a strong influence in building the FCRSA into the strong national organization it is today." When Sharon died, her husband, Jerry, made a donation to the FCRSA in memory of Sharon. The Sharon Myers Health Committee was formed to put that contribution to work in a way that would honor Sharon's concerns about "improving the working ability of Flat-Coats, maintaining type and soundness, and in safeguarding their health."

The Sharon Myers Health Committee was organized in 1995. The committee proposed a three step project to improve the genetic health of Flat-Coats which consisted of a survey, a health manual, and an open database. The health survey was conducted in 1996 with results reported to the FCRSA at the 1997 Specialty. Work on the health manual began in 1997 and should be finished in 1998. In 1997, the committee decided to start collecting health information in a voluntary, confidential database which is the Clearinghouse. Membership cooperation in the Clearinghouse process is crucial to its success and to accurate data management. Members are encouraged to submit information (PDF) in as timely a manner as possible, but we will accept delayed reports. We are sensitive to the emotional and confidential concerns of each owner and have developed a form to make reporting become an easy process. The health information is summarized and reported to the membership in the FCRSA newsletter. This, we hope, will be an intermediate step to establishing the open database which could be used to identify top health concerns, enable the tracking of health problems, be available to breeders to assist them in making breeding decisions, and supply information to researchers.

The members of the Sharon Myers Health Committee are:

  • Frances Powrie (Chair)
  • Ingrid Sarelius, Cancer Committee Chair
  • Monica Stephens, Health Clearinghouse Coordinator
  • Vicky Nickerson, Animal Health Trust Liason
  • Lamora Cole
  • Sophia Fanous
  • Judy Gladson
  • Mary Young

Please use the Sharon Myers Health Clearinghouse Form (PDF) for submitting information to the Clearinghouse Database. Send as much information as you have available. You can send updates later that will be added to your initial information if you choose to identify the dog.