Flat-Coated Retriever Versatility Awards

Versatility requirements and application are available for download (PDF)

Statement of Purpose

The Flat-Coated Retriever Society of America, Inc. recognizes the versatility of our breed as both a retriever and hunting companion as well as an active participant in other dog sports. The Hall of Fame was created to showcase extraordinary achievement of an individual flat-coat. The Versatility Awards can be looked upon as stepping stones to the Hall of Fame or to simply recognize those versatile dogs and owners that enjoy participating in all companion dog sports.

These awards are exclusive to ALL flat-coats, including all ILP’s and rescue flat-coats but are not recognized by the AKC. These titles may appear in Newsletter ads and flat-coat specific publications like our WC/WCX titles do, but will not be allowed in show catalogs or hunt test catalogs.


There are three ways to qualify for each title:


  • CD, NA or NAJ, JH or WC
  • TD, NA or NAJ, JH or WC
  • CD, TD, JH or WC


  • CDX, OA or OAJ, SH or WCX
  • TDX or VST, OA or OAJ, SH or WCX
  • CDX, TDX or VST, SH or WCX


To qualify for either level, please include copies of your AKC or WC/X certificates and mail to the Versatility Administrator, Linda Arble. Upon verification, you will receive a special certificate and recognition in the next quarterly Newsletter.

Linda Arble
138 Dove Lane
Centrie Hall, PA 16828-9155