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Simba Poppy and Fluke ceilidh Colby Colby Spirit Sadie and Sophie Niko Hart
Shaui Marcie Ese Dirk Nox
Tara Rocco Beauty Bamse Maggiani 25 year reunion Winslow Flag Phantom
Monty Fluke Cisco Odin Kahlie Klute Shadow Jet Klute
Fluke Three livers on the lookout Tara Sophie Valley Sophie Sophie Kona Kona
Emma Shade Whimsey Rip Grant Alexander Carly Ra and Carly Regal

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Photograph Submissions:

Photographs of your Flat-Coated Retrievers are welcome and appreciated. Please submit electronic photos in JPG format at 640 by 480 pixels (if you aren't sure what this means, contact me). This will help reduce my download time. You may also mail photographs and I can scan them. Include the registered name of the dog(s), call names, and name of owner(s).

If you need some help taking pictures of those hard to photograph black and brown dogs, check out an article called "Tips for Photographing Black Dogs" written by our very own Christopher Butler.

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